A Year Round Tax Service, Inc.

5820 York Road, Suite T200, Lower Level             Baltimore, MD  21212

Phone: 410-523-3004                                                 Fax: 1-443-472-4349

Our Fees :

  • Individual Tax Return Preparation               " Fees Start At $180.00".

$180,00 is the starting fee for preparation of each Individual income tax return.  This includes the preparation of one Federal and one State income tax return.

  • Additional schedules for self employment, rental income, sale of stocks and bonds, or other business income, may incur additional fees.

Business Tax Return Preparation                  "Fees Start At $220.00".

For preparation of each business entity return (Corporation or Partnership return, including LLC's returns that file as either a Corporation or a Partnership)

  • Entity Creation Fees are $175.00.

For Business Entity creation document preparation, presentation of same to State Dept. of Assessment and Taxation, procurement of the Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) and preparation of documents necessary to have the LLC file as a Corporation or Partnership.

  •  Initial Consultation Fees:  Free for 1st 30 Minutes.

Thereafter, a consultation fee will apply.

  • Other Services have varying fees.  Please inquire at 410-523-3004.

At A Year Round Tax Service we prepare individual and business income tax returns.  Inclusive are free e-file services.  E-file services are available for most current year returns and for some prior tax returns. 

We also offer a variety of other services, including but not limited to Financial Reports,  Entity creation (LLC, Corporation, Partnership), IRS and State document review, and document creation as necessary in response to these Agencies.